Protocol for International Students Returning Home

Protocol for International Students Returning Home

- March 18, 2020


Following up the Statement Letter issued by Rector of IPB University No. 4802/IT3/PP/2020 on March 15th, 2020 in regards to Students Health and Precautionary Protocol, which includes Student’s Home Departure Protocol, hereby is additional information for international students who are returning to their country of origin:

  1. To report the trip plan approved by parent(s)/guardian(s) to Head of Department or Study Programme, and through IPB Mobile for Student application in -> Campus Life -> Aktivitas Saya menu.
  2. To Ensure being in healthy condition after consultation in the IPB University Health Clinic.
  3. To ensure that country of origin is not currently in “lockdown” status and/or nor permitted to enter oe leave by those coming from areas affected by COVID-19. For those originating from COVID-19 affected countries (which can be referred to shall follow departure procedures in Indonesia and arrival procedures in the country of origin.
  4. To report to IPB University officials through email to upon arrival at country of origin and follow the prevously released protocols in regards to academic activities carried out online and/or other non face-to-face methods.


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